Annapurna Gurkha Restaurant

Annapurna Gurkha Restaurant

Award Winner Indian and Nepalese Restaurants

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Our Menu

Patana Kukhura

Green herbs marinated barbeque chicken thighs

£3.99 add

Piro Kukhura

Wok fried spicy chicken cooked with onion, capsicum and Nepalese style yoghurt

£3.99 add

Daram Ko Maccha

Nepalese spices fry fish

£3.99 add

Chicken Wings

Crispy wings serve with mint sauce

£3.75 add

Chicken tikka

Diced cut boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices

£3.75 add

Seekh Kebab

Lamb minced with onions paper special herbs spices and barbecue

£3.50 add

Chicken Chat

Chicken spiced with a tantalizing hot and sour taste

£3.75 add

Lamb Sekuwa

Gurkha style pan fried herb marinated lamb

£4.25 add

Chicken Pakora

Herbs marinated chicken deep fry in chickpea batter

£3.99 add

Aloo Tareko

Tawa fried potato cake served with home made mint sauce

£3.50 add

Vegetable Pakora

Mixed vegetables cooked with chickpea batter and Nepalese herbs

£2.99 add

Onion Bhaji

Onions cooked in chickpea batter with herbs & spices

£2.99 add

Vegetable Somosa

Crisp pastry filled with vegetable

£2.99 add

Annapurna Spiced Fish Cake

Crusted salmon with mixed peppers, potatoes, herbs & spices and served with Chef\\\\\\\'s special chutney

£3.99 add

Prawn Puri

Prawns cooked in Nepalese spices and served with deep fried bread \\\"puri\\\"

£4.50 add

Channa Allo Puri

Potato and chickpeas served with deep fried bread puri

£3.99 add

Khursani Kukhura

Marinated chicken pan fried with capsicum, onion, garlic and green chilies

£4.25 add

Khursani Paneer

Pan fried home made cottage cheese with mixed peppers, onions, garlic and fresh green chilies and spices

£3.95 add

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